9 Cool & useful Websites | Collection N°2


1. CatBox

catBox is a cute file uploading site ; just .exe, .scr, .cpl, .doc*, .jar  are allowed , read its FAQ to know more guidelines , & Uploads up to 200 MB , don't ask about privacy everything is secured. they also have litterbox service check it out in bottom's website.

2. Protectedtext

protectedtext is really great place to keep text , like you have cloud place to store images, videos etc.. . safe & secured . your notes will be encrypted such as messages in social media networks ,it's worth trying in addition to that it's open source & have an android version.

3. Helloworldcollection

helloworldcollection from its name you might know what it is , yes it's a collection of hello world written with different languages , programming & other ones also named , filtred from A to Z , it's cool. Enter & learn something new in there.

4. Ghacks

ghacks is A tech blog provide reviews software, apps and offers also tips and tricks about Windows, Android, and other operating systems. you should really read its useful articles , updated & proffessional.

5. The eye

 simply it's a library of everthing you want there 

6. World Births and Deaths visualizer

World Births and Deaths visualizer simulated in real time , dynamicly with details & other Visualizations.

7. Oldschool pc Font  site

If you interested in dealing with fonts And if you like old school pc fonts This is the best and the main source when you can get this ultima pack v2.2 with various  other old machine styles Of course you can go to the link Read documentation  to know more, I see it's cool and nostalgic when you use it, fonts are completely free.

8. It's Nicky Case! (ncase.me)

learn & aquire knowledge in a deffrent way through mini games or short stories in all categories enter & have fun while learning something new.

9. RadioGarden

listen to the radio & your favourite channel all around the world by navigating a  Globe , it's a non profit service.

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