8 Interseting & useful Websites you should Bookmark | Collection N°1


 1. DeepL

   Deepl is an ai Language Translator that outperforms Google, Microsoft and Facebook, it has a quick translation tool & better than Google translate because it considers the context & Translate forms completely meaning word chains also. Deepl accept just 11 language and you can Translate a whole .docx  or .pptx files.

  They have an Pro version in addition a Windows Software, macOS app as well.Deepl is recognized by a lot of companies such as "TechCrunch" , "Le Monde" ..

     2. Detexify

    This website or actually a tool, is very useful for who work with LaTeX , and knows how time-   consuming it can be to find a symbol , so Detexify make that easier allows you to find it by just   Draw it in a square area, you Can Enter now the website to read rest of Q&A , it has also an   Mac  App.

     3. Theromdepot

    if you interested in working with ROMS for games or something else, try this massive Archive ordered from A to Z , just register & create account there . what make it cool & diffrent, is you can upload ROMS , in fact made him really amazing & Big.

     4. coderprog

     This website for who code or learn programming, this is another spot where you can grab free   eBooks  you can download it easly, also video tutorials section in there you could check it . all the   resourses absolutly free & accessable. Happy learning!! 

        5. Cssauthor

   if you are a Designer especialy Web designer , This Website is a Wonderful   Source contains fonts , UI kits , Photoshop Actions , figma or Adobe XD   Mockups & wireframes to inspire with , Stock Photos , Responsive Blogger 
 and Wordpress Templates & Plugins. The website also has very Good       Html,CSS,JS.. & more coding resourses, almost all free in there. it's really   Worth to explore and very helpful.


          6. filepursuit

   Filepursuit is a powerful file indexer & seacher service allows you to find files, videos, audios, ebooks & much more, their Database is Updated Daily and has quick engine. there's still a lot of Engine search like that i will talk about later on .


      This is my favourite among this collection today, pinetools from its name provide very awesome,useful & accessible Tools wich will help you a lot, & worth bookmarking, there tools are absolutly free ; Mathematics tools, colors, text & lists , images , date & time , & Ramdomizers as well also tools for programming to make learrning easier.


              8. Unblockit

   This another mind-blowing website or named a library of   downloader Websites such as Torrent sites, streaming sites, sports ones ,   Direct Donwload sites , music & books as well massive list sources in it,   Enter  &  pick up your favourite.

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